Hubalicious 2012: The Heritage Food Trail

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It was my frist time attending a Hubalicious event last Saturday and I must say that I found it quite an interesting way of having a 5 course meal! Chef Emmanuel Stroobant was the star of the evening. He created five dishes which reminded him of his childhood which he spent in Belgium and before each course was served, he would be on stage to demonstrate how to cook the dishes.

I only had to come up for 15 mins to give a few tips on how to take better photos of the food. After which the audience had to take submit a photo that they have to take of course number three: The poached Salmon. Incidentally, I learnt that you can easily poach salmon at home if you clingwrap your Salmon and put it in a rice cooker with water that is set on “Keep Warm”. After 10 mins the Salmon comes out perfectly cooked, yet still translucent and moist!

One very lucky winner walked away with a brand new HTC 1 phone that night. When he shook my hand, he told me he was a fan of this blog as well! Ha, I like to think that the viewing of the photos here must have somehow rubbed off onto him!

Photo Credit: Starhub

Then on Sunday morning, I was asked to be the judge at their FooD.I.Y Heritage Cookoff. Eight teams had 1 hour to cook a family favourite meal. I had lots of fun playing the bad guy while the contestants sweated away trying to work out how the induction stoves worked. What I thought was very interesting was that out of the eight teams, only two were local, the others where from the Philippines, Mauritius, UK, India etc. It shows how cosmopolitan Singapore has become!

In the end the two winners were a pair from the Philippines with a Chicken and Pork Afritata and a Singaporean mother and daughter team with their prawn and tofu curry. All the recipes are now available on the FooD.I.Y App which is available on Android and IOS App stores.

More info about Hubalicious here.

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