Video Blog: ieat learns to Poach Eggs

I am sure you all have heard of Eggs Benedict right? No, it is not what the Pope has for breakfast. Eggs Benedict is a famous dish that was named after a New York stockbroker at the Waldorf hotel after he had ordered the combination of buttered toast, ham, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce as a cure for a hangover.

Today chef Tim shows us how to poach an egg and also to make hollandaise sauce. Once you have mastered these two things, you can make your own Eggs Benedict(ham), Eggs Florentine (spinach), Eggs Montoya (filet mignon), Eggs Royale (bacon)…. heck, maybe even Eggs Toa Payoh (luncheon meat), just in time for you to impress your significant other for a Valentine’s day breakfast!

Hope you enjoy the video and do let us know how your eggs benedict went!

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