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Category: Location

Hong Kong Style Kitchen (港式小炒): Cheap and Good Zi Char

Lina’s Confectionery: Good olde Nonya Kueh!

Hong Yun Seafood: Seafood White Bee Hoon Dry!

Benson Salted Duck Rice: The old, made new

Soon Heng Hot and Cold Desserts: Hawkers we grow up with

Liang Zhao Ji Braised Duck: Cantonese style duck

Hokkaido Izakaya: Yummy Hokkaido Food

Roast Paradise: Turning over a new charsiew

Hougang Fried Oyster: Big Oysters yeah!

Seafood White Beehoon: Beginning of a new trend

Pantree: Ban Jian Kueh 2.0

Ha Ha Bin Hokkien Mee: Makings of a Master