Dr Leslie Tay: Doctor, Author, Blogger, Photographer, Speaker


Dr Leslie Tay, better known by his moniker “ieat” has spent over a decade roaming around Singapore in search of the best hawker food and then publishing his mouth watering pictures and stories on his award winning food blog, ieatishootipost.sg.

He is now regarded as one of the best authorities on Singapore food and has appeared on numerous publications and TV programs.  In 2013, he co-hosted the TV series “8 Days Eat” together with Belinda Lee.  The 8 episode series showcased the best of Singapore food embellished with nuggets of hawker history and secrets to discovering the deliciousness of Singapore food.

Dr Tay has published 4 books on Singapore Food.  His current book, “Only The Best” is currently in its second print run and has been on the Kinokuniya Best Seller list for non-fiction books.  “The End of Char Kway Teow” which was published in Dec 2010 was a Straits Times bestseller.  The book also won 3rd place in the inaugural Reader’s Choice Awards in 2011 and was chosen as one of 50 books to be presented to libraries around the world in celebration of SG50. He is also the co-author of “The Singapore Heritage Cookbook” which is an SG50 project showcasing 12 iconic Singaporean dishes published by Peter Knipp Holdings in 2015.

As a photographer, Dr Tay has held his own exhibition at Millenia Walk in 2013 where he demonstrated and taught his unique style of “street” food photography. His photos and articles on food photography have been published in photography magazines as well as international publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald.

Dr Tay also cooks and has extensively researched and published treatises on local dishes like Pandan Chiffon Cake, Tau Huay and Roti Prata.  He also produces instructional videos on preparing simple recipes ranging from eggs to Japanese cuisine.

Ieatishootipost has a growing community of readers as well as a growing Facebook fan page with over 290,000 fans and a sizeable following on Instagram (113K) and Twitter.

Dr Tay is recognized as an authority on local food lore and has delivered talks on Singapore’s Hawker Cuisine to international as well as local audiences.  He has been invited to speak in the US and other countries on the topic.  In 2016, he also spoke at the 3rd Singapore Heritage Science Conference on the topic of how to preserve Singapore’s hawker heritage and is currently one of the members of the Hawker Centre Review Committee.  Aside from food history, he also delivers talks on photography at seminars and workshops locally.

He has endorsed products from several major companies and has appeared as the face for the Canon Powershot Campaign on print and radio and continues to conduct lectures on Food Blogging and Food Photography for Canon Singapore.  He has also endorsed products from companies like Tefal, LG, Swisse, Dilmah, Standard Chartered and 3M.

Dr Tay is a family doctor and practices at Karri Family Clinic in Tampines.  He is happily married with two teenagers who often accompany him on his food expedition and have learnt to be patient to wait for him to stop taking photographs so they can start eating.

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