One Million Hits! Thank You very much for reading!

I just realized this morning that we have achieved over 1 Million hits! So I really want to say a big THANK YOU! for reading this blog.

I started this blog because I love both food and photography and was frustrated whenever someone recommended something in the forums but I could never see what was being recommended. So is the Hokkien Mee a wet one, dry one, thin bee hoon type or thick bee hoon type? All it takes is one picture and …… Game Over.

I am very gratified that you have chosen to read this blog and I will continue to work at my ultimate goal to blog all the most famous hawker foods in Singapore, to document our Singapore Food Heritage and to honor our Hawker “Fathers” who worked hard to give Singaporeans something good to eat. It is a formidable task but I have many makankakis who would come and share the calories with me and spur me on.

Glory to God who has done
“exceedingly, abundantly,
above all that we can ask or think”
Eph 3:20

It is by His Grace and Favor that I experience all the blessings in life!

And by the way, I have been toying with the idea of our next Makan Session. Several Makankakis have suggested that we make this a Charity Event so that the proceeds can go to a worthy cause. This event will probably be sometime in late August to coincide with the first anniversary of the blog. Let me know what you all think yah?

Happy Makaning and when I Eat, I Shoot and I Post, I hope that U Read, U Eat and U Comment!

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