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Category: 3 Next Gen Hawkers

Simon Road Oyster Omelette: Back at the same spot!

Kim’s Kuehs: The End of Teochew Kuehs?

Sinn Ji Chicken Rice: Young, Innovative Next Generation Hawkers

Ah Li Japanese Fusion Mee Pok!

Roast Paradise: Turning over a new charsiew

Ha Ha Bin Hokkien Mee: Makings of a Master

Crabmeat Wanton Mee: Next Gen Hawkers!

KEK (Keng Eng Kee) Pandan Gardens: Zi Char 2.0

To-Ricos Kway Chap: The Next Generation!

Ah Hoe Mee Pok: Teenaged Japanese Mee Pok Girl!

Fatty Cheong ABC Char Siew Rice: The Next Generation!

Coffee Break: Young Female Kopi Sock Barista!