Wanton Noodle: Pig Armpit Char Siew anyone? Tiong Bahru Market Part 6 of 6

I was warned that there is a perpetual long queue at this stall, so when I got there after the lunch peak hour to find no queue, I thought that it must be my lucky day. Then I found out that they had run out of the A Grade Char Siew and what was left was the B Grade Char Siew! Phwa Lao Eh! (Good Heavens!) I had heard from the Bryan Wong show that the Char Siew was to die for. Dennis (The stall owner) explained to me that their Grade A Char Siew is made from Indonesian Pig Armpits (As if pigs have arms – they should be called legpits) and the meat is just really succulent and tender. They only use Indonesian Pork which is the more expensive but the best tasting pork, he told me that Malaysian and Australian pork just doesn’t cut it. So I had my B grade Char Siew Wontan mee. I found even the B grade Char Siew was already very good, so I am determined to return for the A Grade Armpit CharSiew next time. The noodles were good and they use a clear sauce to flavour the noodles so that it gives it just that hint of sweet and savouriness. But I think it is the Grade A Char Siew that is the star here. Skinnyfoodie did not think much of it, so you have to try it yourself to make a judgement. Conclusion I have to come back for Armpit Char Siew! ……… To be continued… 4/5

Wanton Noodle

Tiong Bahru Market Stall 02-30, Singapore
Opening hours:
10:30AM to 3:00PM


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