Video Blog: ieat learns to make an Omelette

In the 2nd episode of the “ieat learns to cook an egg series”, Chef Tim, tells me how to tell if an egg is fresh without having to crack it open. (Actually do you know how to tell if it is fresh even after you crack it open?). We also explore how to make a French style Omelette.

You might think you know how to fry an Omelette, but if you were ever asked to make one by a Western Chef, most of us would probably fail miserably. It is said that a lot of Head Chefs use the Omelette test to see if their new cooks actually know how to cook.

Hope you have fun making Omelettes for breakfast over the new year break. My favourite way of eating it is to add freshly grated Gruyere Cheese onto the Omelette before you fold it and then putting it into a freshly toasted Croissant with a slice of lightly fried smoked ham and slices of Avacado then slowly enjoy it with a roasted vine ripened tomato and a cup of Teh Tarik…. ooooohhh.

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