The Bismillah Ultimate Biryani Challenge!

Arif tells me that since my first blog post about Bismullah Biryani, he has been motivated to further improve on his recipe because of the enthusiastic response of the kakis. Leading the way is our resident Biryani Buff, Cactuskit who has been the the restaurant 8 times over the last few weeks.

I had issued Arif with the Ultimate Biryani challenge for him to come up with what he would consider the best Biryani that he can make for the kakis. So today, around 50 kakis descended on his restaurant to try out his improved Biryani Recipe.

I must say that this is the first time in recent memory that I have managed to finish all my Biryani. I personally don’t like curry on my Biryani, preferring to taste the rice instead. This Biryani was nicely spiced but not too oily and the lamb was tender and flavoursome. For me it is still my favourite place to eat Biryani but I shall let the rest of the kakis to add their comments.

Photos by Cactuskit

Here’s Soundman’s Video Report

The Crab Fest registration will be opening soon. So watch this space!

Many thanks to Soundman and Cactuskit for their photos and videos!

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