Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert: Lotsa You Tiao Please!

With smart, liverpool1965, iwatch_ueat and tamago

The one thing that I always complain when I eat Tau Suan is the stinginess of the stallowners when it comes to adding the You Tiao.

Not here, this is their standard serving of You Tiao with their Tau Suan for $1. And before some people start saying that there was more You Tiao because the owner saw our big cameras, let me assure you that I saw other customers walking away with just as much You Tiao, PLUS I kept asking the owner if this was the normal serving and he insisted that it was! So not only you suspicious, I also suspicious, OK?

The Tau Suan was good, though the beans could have bit more bite. It was not too sweet which pleased smart but not liverpool1965. Can’t please everybody. For me, one of the better Tau Suans around and definitely happy with the amount of You Tiao given. 4/5

The Cheng Tng did not thrill me much. The lotus seed deserves mention though as they were really nice and soft, not the crunchy type that you get sometimes. 3.5/5


You will be happy seeing all the You Tiao on top! And if you don’t please write in the comments and let everyone know!

Teck Kee Hot and Cold Dessert

Stall 31 Adam Road Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening hours:
12:00AM to 12:00AM


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