Singapore Foodie T Shirt: Why U Bo Jio?


Introducing the latest Singaporean Foodie T Shirt!

What do you say when you see your friends posting delicious food that you did not get to eat?

What do you say when your friend posted photos of the BBQ he had at home which you were not invited?

What do you say when everyone else seems to know all the lobang but you are clueless?

Why U BIO JIO!!!!!

Now you can say it loud loud without opening your mouth! (because your mouth is busy eating!)

Available in various colours but Black is most effective for hiding curry stains!

We need at least 200 T shirt orders to start printing! So, mai tu liao and don’t say I BO JIO!

Please order your T Shirt from:

I will be donating the profits to our Batam Orphanage fund!


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