Mizzy’s Corner: Which Nasi Lemak Stall? Changi Village Hawker Centre Part 5 of 6

With smart, holydrummer and iwatch_ueat

Shown here with an extra chicken wing

Can’t get away from a Changi Village series without blogging about the Nasi Lemak. I guess the main question on everybody’s mind is NOTwhich one is the most popular” because International Nasi Lemak is the one with the longest queue. The real question is, “which one should I go for if I can’t be bothered to queue up at International Nasi Lemak!” Am I right? Huh? Huh? So the ieisip review team ventured to taste test 2 stalls there which are also quite popular. The first one is Mizzy’s, which like International is now selling a set for $2.50. I felt the rice here was nice but like most of the stalls here, they don’t use jasmine rice so the rice all comes out broken, light and dry. I liked the Sambal here. It was sweet and very savoury. The chicken wings here are yummy and well marinated, but they were fried maybe half an hour ago and not so crispy. 3.5/5

Conclusion Good chilli and the chicken wings would have been great if they were fresh. The rice would be good if they used a better grade rice.

Mizzy’s Corner

#01-26 Changi Village Hawker Centre, Singapore
Opening hours:
7:00AM to 4:00AM
97931103 Mizzy

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