Mitzi 美食之家: The 76 year old Chef gets wokking again

The Stall is Closed

Bittergourd pork ribs $14

Fans of Mitzi’s would be very pleased to know that the old man, popularly known as “Har Zai” is back behind the wok after a short break. His restaurant had closed its doors at Tras Street 2 years ago citing rental and manpower issues (This is getting quite repetitive). They are now back but in a hawker stall setting, serving some of the classic Cantonese dishes which they have been known for but at lower prices.

Crab with mustard green $14

This may be considered a “Cze Char” but if you come here and order your usual Cze Char dishes, then you are going to miss out on some classic dishes like the bittergourd and black bean pork ribs. 4/5 as well as an excellent mustard green with crabmeat and egg white. 4.5/5 I felt that the pork ribs could have had a little more oommph, but the rest of the kakis tell me that this is the classic taste that they like. The mustard greens were fresh and had a very good bite. For $14, they sure were generous with the crab meat!

Crispy noodles $16

I have had crispy noodles at many Cze Char places before, but this was the first time I have seen it presented this way. My more seasoned (read older) kakis tell me that this was the way it had been served in the past. Instead of deep frying the egg noodles, they were pan fried such that some bits where crispy while other bits were still chewy. The thin egg omelette on top of the noodles were expertly done and they use fresh, locally caught Western King Prawns 马 here. It would have been a must try dish if the sauce were a little more punchy. 4/5

Prawn Roll $18

My kakis were not so impressed with the prawn rolls as I was. I liked it because unlike a lot of other places, these prawn rolls were full of chunky prawn which had that nice crustacean flavour which hits you at the back of the palate. The skin was also crunchy, unlike the usual thin bean curd skin which other places use. To me, these prawn rolls really captured the natural flavour of the prawns very well without the other ingredients getting in the way. 4.25/5

Steamed fish head $13

Smith Street food centre is the steam Song Fish head capital of Singapore (perhaps of the world?). Everywhere you turn, there is someone serving this particular dish. If you head down the stairs to the wet market early in the morning, you will be able to catch the fishmongers slaughtering the fish which are being farmed in Malaysia. So, you would expect the quality of the fish to be very fresh as is the case at Mitzi’s. I felt the bean sauce was a little on the sweet side but at $13 for one half of a fish head there really is little to complain about. 4/5

Yam ring $16

The problems I always have with yam ring is that most places don’t give you enough sauce! When you divide up the yam into bite sized pieces, it would be nice to have a bit of sauce to moisten the otherwise dry yam paste. Same problem here at Mitzi! It’s ok if you really need to have Yam Ring, but I think it would be wiser to save your calories for some of their other more unique Cantonese dishes! 3.5/5

Mr Chan Pak Hoi “Har Zai” 虾子


The food here is old school, cheap and good and you will be able to find some of those dishes which you had eaten in the past which are not commonly served at Cze Char places. I was a little disappointed with the lack of Wok Hei in both my fishhead bee hoon and hor fun which I ordered on the two separate occasions. I can’t figure out why. Seeing Mr Chan at behind the wok with intermittent bursts of naked flame and 64 years of cooking experience (he started at 12) one would expect the hor fun to be bursting with that elusive wok hei!

Mitzi 美食之家
Blk 335, Smith Street Food Centre
11am-2.30pm/ 5pm-9pm
(Closed on Mondays)

Mitzi 美食之家

Blk 335, Smith Street Food Centre #02-153, Singapore
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11:00AM to 2:30PM
Dinner: 5:00PM to 9:00PM


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  1. This stall is no longer in operation, has been replaced by another stall.
    Anyone knows whether they have relocated or shut down for good?

  2. Yes, I am anxious to know as well. Anyone knows what happened to them? Went there last week, and was disappointed by the new store’s food in its place. Miss Mitzi!!

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