Lee Kee Goreng Pisang: Save up your Calories! Bedok Interchange Food Centre Part 7 of 7

With smart, holydrummer and iwatch_ueat

I don’t usually eat Goreng Pisang because I try to avoid deep fried, carbo rich food whenever I can. (The worse is the fried Mars Bar which I heard can now be found in Singapore!) However, when I find one as good as this one, I will make an exception!

I always liked my banana cooked. Every tried BBQing a banana? All the sugars inside caramelises and the banana becomes really smooth, creamy and sweet like a custard! Well the same thing happens when you deep fry the banana, except that you get a really crispy outside enclosing that creamy interior. The batter at this store is crispy and thin (which is good as you don’t let all the flour) and they use Pisang Rajah which is nice and sweet. 4.25/5 Oh, BTW, iwatch_ueat specially bought the cheaper one (50 cents) and showed us that the smaller bananas were actually much sweeter!

Then we discovered a real gem! These Sweet Potato balls were made of Sweetened Mashed Sweet Potato with Coconut and Gula Melaka inside!! Almost like eating a deep fried Onde Onde! Yummy yum yum! (If they could somehow make the coconut filling wet it would be even more awesomer! sic) 4.5/5 (This item is no longer available)

Conclusion Gotta give the sweet potato balls a try!

Lee Kee

Bedok Interchange Food Centre #01-70, Singapore
Opening hours:
10:00AM to 11:00PM

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