Join the First Bloggers Blood Donation Drive in Singapore


We all know the importance of the blood bank in Singapore and I am sure a lot of us wouldn’t mind giving blood. But usually the thing that holds us back is the lack of opportunity as well as the fear of the needle.

Well, one good way of overcoming this is to rally a couple of friends together and do it as a team effort. Safety in numbers is still quite a strong survival instinct, so when you go with others, it is usually less daunting and a lot more fun.

To make it even more fun, Nuffnang is organizing the first bloggers blood donation drive in Singapore. As a run up to the event, they are also playing the role of the SDU and getting our prospective participants to signup on their Facebook account so that we can get to meet new friends as well.

So do visit the Event Microsite by clicking here, and also join the Facebook group here. Join the community and make history by being part of Singapore’s first blogger blood donation drive!

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