Hass Bawa: Not too Spicy, not too Sweet, Just Nice

I admit that I haven’t really had a Mee Goreng that I can remember being really shiok. Then again I am not really a Mee Goreng fan, so I don’t go around specifically looking for Mee Goreng like I do Hokkien Mee.

However, when I did my Marine Parade series the last time, Damien chided me for not trying the Mee Goreng here which according to him was “quite shiok leh”. Ok since I was having the Presidential Teh Tarik that day, I thought I might as well give it a try.

It was surprisingly quite good. It was not overly spicy and the mutton was seasoned just nice. Indeed a commendable Mee Goreng but still not something I would crave for. 4/5


Good Mee Goreng for those who like this dish.

Hass Bawa

Marine Parade Food Centre, #01-150, Singapore
Opening hours:
11:30AM to 9:30PM

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