Han Kee Fish Porridge Amoy Street Food Centre Part 3 of 5

Healthy stuff can’t be all that tasty right? Wrong! This is one very tasty bowl of fish soup and it is healthy as well! It is probably one of the icons of Amoy Street Food Centre. One of the forummers (bobafett) is even willing to stick out his neck to proclaim it the best fish porridge in Singapore! Uncle tells me that they use only good quality Knife Brand vegetable oil here and there is no pork lard used. The stock is also made purely from boiling the bones of the Batang (Mackeral). He would start boiling the soup from 5am in the morning and it would only be ready by 10am. For those more adventurous, you can also partake of the other parts of the fish like the eyes, head, stomach area, roe and the mail equivalent of roe. (Which I find very hard to put in writing) You have to eat this piping hot because you don’t want to overcook the fish. The fish is very fresh and the meat is firm but still delicate. Unlike most other fish porridge I have eaten, this one comes without the skin, so you don’t get the Chow Chor (fishy odour) smell. The soup is really sweet and you can taste the quality and the effort that goes into the preparation. Even if you don’t like fish, you might still like this because it isn’t really fishy at all. Yet another Teochew Ah Hia adament on using only the freshest ingredients! Again equally Hao Lian (Proud) about the quality of his food! Conclusion You don’t have to wait until you are feeling guilty about all the unhealthy stuff you have eaten whole week to eat this. This is healthy stuff that you can really enjoy and still feel that you have done your heart a favour after that. 4.5/5

Han Kee Fish Porridge

Amoy Street Food Centre Stall (2nd level opp sgkueh stall 122), Singapore
Opening hours:
10:00AM to 3:00PM


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