Guang Fa Hokkien Prawn Mee: Healthier Hokkien Mee that still hits the spot: North Bridge Road Food Centre Part 2 of 2

This stall is closed

Health conscious foodies can rejoice with this Healthier Choice Hokkien Mee that still tastes good enough to satisfy that Hokkien Mee Crave. Guang Fa is a spinoff from Newton Hokkien Mee, and is run by the son-in-law. The stallowners tell me that since they are serving the aging population in the area, most of whom like food that has less oil and salt (or at least have been advised by their doctors), they have to cater for the local populace. So over here they use 20% of the lard they use at Newton and 20% less Soy Sauce. The result is a healthier Hokkien Mee, that still managed to titillate our tastebuds enough for us to finish the whole plate. You can see that the style is akin to the old “Lor Chor” mee style which is darker, moist but not gooey and they use thin bee hoon rather then the thicker laksa bee hoon which gives more bite to each mouthful. 4/5


Surprisingly good for a Hokkien Mee which is lower on saturated fats and salt!

Guang Fa Hokkien Prawn Mee

#01-109 Northbridge Food Centre, Singapore
Opening hours:
11:00AM to 9:00PM

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