Gingko Lotus Brown Rice Porridge: No Animals were Harmed in this Post

You all know that I love animals don’t you? I especially love Black Pigs and Wagyu Cattle. Sometimes I love them too much. Time to take a break and spread the love around to some non-animals.

Those of you who want to do your body a favor but not neglect your tongue might want to try this Gingko Lotus Brown Rice Porridge. It’s not pretty to look at but it is one porridge that I really don’t mind eating cos it is packed full of goodies and for a non-animal food, it still packs some umami punch.

For $2 a bowl, you get the goodness of brown rice, gingko nuts, corn, peanuts, red dates topped with sliced carrots, coriander and vegetarian pork floss to give it a bit of crunch. Tasty way to lower your cholesterol levels and save some animals! 4/5


Healthy, tasty and cheap some more. Not easy to find yah?


No Name Vegetarian

Blk 216 Food Centre, Bedok North St 1, #01-34, Singapore
Opening hours:
7:00AM to 2:00AM

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