Food Idols! You’ve Got a Friend (Ode to Laksa)

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You’ve got a Friend (Ode to Laksa)
Sung to the tune of “You’ve got a Friend” by James Taylor/Carole King

When you feel that something’s missin’,
Some imbalance deep inside,
And your tongue has got that cravin
you just can’t hide…..

You’re trying hard to study,
Your exams are ’round the bend
But you just can’t satisfy
those hunger pangs…..

You just get in the car,
and no matter how near or far,
searching for, that bowl of Laksa…….

Hae Bee, Oil, Chilli and Ha’am,
Flows down your throat, its so pa’ang
Hits you right there! Yeah Yeah Ye’ah
You’ve got a Friend….

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If you would like to take part in Food Idols, just submit your lyrics of the food song to me. Even better if you can get it recorded with slideshow and send me the link! But it must be an original song composed by yourself and it has to be about Singapore Food.

Post Script:

Just in case you are wondering. The music was a downloaded midi file and Amagada basically sang in front of the laptop to record it. No post recording work was done, so it is pretty raw.

One of those things you do when you are bored late at night!

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