First Makan Session of the Decade: Cacio e Pepe

Thanks for the overwhelming response. Holybro will get back to you soon on confirmation of your seats.

Registration is now opened for our Makan Session at Cacio e Pepe.

Chef Peter Neo is going to showcase some very special dishes for us which is not currently on the menu. On top of that, we will be enjoying an introduction to Italian Cheeses after the 6 course tasting menu.

Here are the details:

Venue: Cacio e Pepe, 4/6 Rochdale Road
Date: 23rd Jan
Time: 1.30pm
Cost: $30 per pax
Seats: 50 pax

1. Salmone marinarto
2. Tuscan fish stew
3. Handmade Ravioli alla Cacio e Pepe
4. Handmade Spinach Ravioli Stuffed with Smoked Mozzarella
5. Pizza – Special Chef’s edition
6. Chocolate Tart

Followed by: Special sampling of various Italian Cheeses

To Register:
Please write to [email protected]. For the Title write Italian Makan Session and in the first line write: Name, Nickname, Handphone, No. of pax.

Please Note:
1. Limited to 4 pax per registrant.
2. If you don’t turn up, please find a replacement or the team will be sending the loan shark to collect the money from you. Just joking, but please understand that someone has to pay for your seat if you don’t turn up because we already ordered your food.

Link to the Cacio e Pepe post.

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