Epicurious: A Burger that’s taller than wide!

With Big MOG, PowerMOG and iwatch_ueat

Basic Burger $14.95, Plus $4 for the works</span>

When a man from the UK brings you to eat a Burger in Singapore, one has to wonder what the fuss is all about! This is the Big MOG’s favourite burger and he proudly claims that he can’t get a nicer burger than this in Britain. I find that hard to believe at first. But I guess the burger must be more an American thing than a British thing.

Anyway, I am happy to include this Burger into my list of Burgers because it gets the award for the thickest pattie I have ever come across. When you put the whole burger together, it actually lookes taller than it is wide! But small eaters need not be alarmed because this is a Burger for those who simply like Beef and not the Bread. The buns they use are really quite small, about the diameter of an apple. Actually, the 2oog pattie (they mince it themselves) is so thick that it can almost be described as an Xtra Huge Meatball.

The burger itself is quite juicy and tastes great with the bacon, onions and egg. The pattie itself could have been a little more beefy, but I guess being a homemade pattie, they have chosen to use less fat in the mince. That’s good for those who are more health conscious. 4/5


Great burger for those who enjoy a big juicy beef pattie but don’t want to get too full from eating the bread. The cafe is situated next to the river and it’s quite rustic as the place is filled with antique wooden furniture. More expensive compared to the other burgers in my burger list but I guess you are paying extra for the ambiance.


#01-02 the quayside 60 robertson quay, Singapore
Opening hours:
Tue to Fri: 11:30AM to 2:30PM
Tue to Fri: 5:30PM to 9:30PM
Sat & Sun: 9:00AM to 9:30PM

Other info:
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