D’bun: Cheesecake Mooncake

Mini Oreocheesecake $26.80 (8 pieces)

When you were young, were you ever told that that moon was made of cheese? Well, it so happens that this particular Moon-cake is made out of cheese-cake. Yeah yeah its corny, but what do you expect at 2am in the morning?

Anyway, with the Mooncake festival just 2 weeks away, it’s time to look at some Mooncakes. Now, unlike our reporter friends from the media, I don’t have the luxury of tasting all the fine hotel mooncakes and write about them all in the one article. So I just write about whatever comes my way which is noteworthy. And one of the more noteworthy ones I have come across recently are the ones by our good friends at D’bun.

Nowadays, people are putting all sorts of stuff into Mooncakes and it is not unusual for find truffles and fine belgian chocolates in Mooncakes. Which begs the question, when is a Mooncake a Mooncake? I guess you can call anything a Mooncake if it is covered with thin pastry and has been molded into the “Mooncake” shape.

So yes, you can mold Snowskin over Oreo Cheesecake and it can be considered a Mooncake rather than a Cheesecake. Whatever it is, you should be able to cut it and eat with your fingers rather than with a dessert spoon.

I was actually quite taken with the Cheesecake Mooncake. The cream cheese is just slightly salted so its got that nice savory sweet taste. D’bun’s snowskin is nice and soft, but still gummy enough so you can chew on it. 4.25/5

Mini Snow Skin Durian $26.80 (8 pieces)

Now, I have always been a firm believer that Durians should be eaten “Au Natural” and don’t really like all the different variations of the fruit. But Mimi tells me that her durian mooncakes are made from 100% D24 Durians without the addition of any flour or cream. It was ok I guess, but I still prefer eating fresh durians. However, for those who don’t like the smell of day old Durian lingering on their fingers, this might be a good way to enjoy the fruit. 3.75/5.


So do you think Mooncakes should be traditional or do you go for all these modern variations? And where are you all buying your Mooncakes this year?


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