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Category: 1 Opened 24 Hours

AMK House Teochew Noodles: Round the Clock BCM

The Roti Prata House: So Crispy you can use it as a Frisbee!

Al Ameen Eating House: 24 hour Naan Satisfaction

Samar: Arabic Food in Arab St

Yong He Eating House: Taiwanese Snacks 24 hours a Day

Satay Power Returns @ Al Azhar

New Hawa: Ultimate Prata Challenge: Round 2 of 2

Syed Restaurant: Ultimate Prata Challenge: Round 1 of 2

Thohirah Restaurant: Briyani Challenge Round 1 of 3

Thasevi Food: Famous Jalan Kayu Prata!

Hong Kong Tea House – 70′s HK cuisine