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Category: Zi Char

Quan Ji Zi Char: Old School Comfort Food!

Eastern House of Seafood Delicacy: Lobster Hokkien Mee!

Ban Leong Wah Hoe: Old School Seafood Zi Char

Whampoa Keng: New Flagship Restaurant

Dynasty Ipoh Seafood: Fried Porridge Chef finally opens his own place!

Wee Family Seafood: Zi Char with wine pairing

Yaowarat Seafood: A Bit Chinese, A Bit Thai

JB Ah Meng: White Pepper Crabs!

Ka Soh: Bib Gourmand Zi Char

Royal J’s Premium Taste: Fried Porridge and more

Eat First! 食之為鮮 A Tale of Two Brothers

Uncle Lee’s Eating House: Yummy sand skin chicken