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Category: Japanese

Yakiniku-GO Plus – Premium Wagyu at Competitive Prices

&JOY Japanese Food Street at NEX – Finally!

Jin Fine Dining: Special 12 Course Omakase Set

IPPAI Izakaya – one flavour bomb after another

Citi Gourmet Pleasures Food Trail: In Pursuit of Porcine Pleasures

&JOY Dining Hall: Hidden Gem Japanese Dining at Great World

Botan Japanese Restaurant: Chef Thomas’ Special Signature Set!

Tenjin: Classy Tendon, Casual Prices

Roketto Izakaya: Wild Rocket is back, and more relaxed!

Una Una: Good and Cheaper Unagi

Tanoshii: Korean inspired Japanese Fare

Sushi Ayumu: Edomae Style Sushi