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Category: 3 My Favourite Pics

Heavens: Freshly made Putu Mayyam Resurrection!

Simon Road Oyster Omelette: Earth Shatteringly Crispy Oh Luak!

Bomba: The Spanish invasion

Victory Sugar Cane Juice: Have Sugar Cane will travel?

Chai Wee Cuttlefish: Freshly made Pig Ear biscuits and Cuttlefish!

Oriole Coffee Roasters: The Ultimate Kopi?

Skirt: Aged Beef grilled over a Parilla!

Joo Huat Pau: Darn Ugly, Darn Good

Tan’s Tu Tu Coconut Cakes: Durian, Chocolate and Cheese Tutu!

D’Bun: The Ultimate Da Pau!

Kway Guan Huat: Ultimate Abalone Poh Piah

My Photos featured on The Age and Sydney Morning Herald’s’s Story about Singapore’s Hawker Scene