Bugis Beef Kway Teow – Golden Mile FC: Part 3 of 8

To me Beef Kway Teow has always been one of those dishes that I ate occasionally but never really craved for…. until now. This one is so good that I cannot stop thinking about it after I got home. For your info, the Grand MakanGuru comes to Golden Mile FC specially to eat at this store. Talk about a great recommendation!

The dry version is pretty darn shiok. That gravy contains enough bovine essence to make you want to Moo…. and that’s no Bull. I have never tasted a better gravy. It so savoury, so beefy, so tasty, so Shiokadoodle Doo! (Better than a Scooby snack, no, TWO Scooby snacks!) The meat really soft and tender and they don’t overcook it so it is still pink when it is served.

Phwa say! Nothing more to say!

The Beef Balls are the World’s Second Best (Best dunno where). They actually still make their own Beef Balls from scratch, and you can taste the results. The ball is springy and is not adulterated with flour, so you get 100% beef protein. Mmmmm… there of lots of air bubbles trapped in each ball, such that its texture is like cross between a Fishball and a Souffle. I could eat a whole bowl of these in front of the TV!

Incidentally, did you know that in order to make the balls springy, the meat is not minced but actually beaten? In the good old days, they used 2 rectangular metal batons to pound the meat. Pounding the meat straightens out the protein strands and causes the springiness. Same method goes into making Fish Balls.

Can’t resist taking this picture of an old photo to show you the original stall at Bugis. The stall was started by father of the lady who now runs the stall with her husband just after the war in 1945. This picture was taken probably in the 70′s before they cleaned up the Bugis Area. Bugis, as you know was famous for its Ah Kwas (Transvestites) then. Back then, Singapore was also the regional centre for sex change operations, a dubious honour that has since been lost to Bangkok.


If you’ve never been passionate about Beef Noodles, now is the time to see the light Brother/Sister! Better than the famous, Hock Lam Beef Noodles at Purvis street. 4.5/5

Bugis (Long House) Lim Kee Beef Noodle

505 Beach Road #B1-121, Golden Mile Food Centre, Singapore 199583
Opening hours:
11:00AM to 9:00PM
8386 8802

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