Bali Nasi Lemak Satisfy your late night curry craving

It’s late at night and you are feeling a little hungry for a something seriously lemak (rich and savoury) because you have been trying to go on a salad and fruit diet for the whole day. What do you do? Well, you could turn on the computer, log onto ieatishootipost and check out the After 10 label. Then a big smile will come across your face when you discover this blog. Cos salvation is at hand! There is a Nasi Lemak place dishing out Nasi Lemak with a seriously shiok curry till 2 am! I really liked Hainanese Style Curry Chicken Wings. The curry gravy is darn shiok and sure to satisfy your umami(savoury) craving. This place is also famous for its Black Chicken Wings. These are fried chicken wings coated with a sweet and savoury, Kecap Manis based sauce. The sauce is very shiok but I found the chicken wings a bit overcooked that night so it was a bit too dry. The rice was fragrant, but not the best I have tasted. Sambal chilli was the sweeter version which I always prefer with my Nasi Lemak. Forummers have raved about the Petai (Topmost pic) but I don’t think I have developed a taste for it. I find it too bitter for my palate. All the curry dishes here are very very good. Aside from the curry chicken, the brinjal and the Sayur Lodeh (Mixed Veg Curry) were excellent. My only other complaint is that they don’t use a Bain-Marie to keep the food warm, so only the rice is warm. It would have been great if the curries were not cold. Conclusion Good place to satisfy your Nasi Lemak craving with some really excellent curries. Would have been perfect if the food was warm and the fried stuff were not over fried. 4/5 Acknowledgement: Highlander and TianTianChi who mentioned this in the forum

Bali Nasi Lemak

2 Geylang Lor 15 (Geylang side), Singapore 388596
Opening hours:
6:30AM to 2:00PM

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