Amigo: Bak Chor Mee my Friend: Changi Village Hawker Centre Part 2 of 6

This is one of the better Bak Chor Mees around and I actually like the chilli here more than many other stalls. For me, the balance of the chilli and vinegar is just right and the combination of the mince pork and the sauce was really shiok.

The only thing that is preventing it from getting a “must try” grading is the quality of the noodle which was quite ordinary. It is still al dente and better than most, but pales in comparison to the other more famous Bak Chor Mee stores. Still, if you are in Changi Village Food Centre and yearning for Mee Poh, you won’t regret having this one. 4/5The soup, however, did not have the robustness of a good stock and the Shui Gaos (dumplings) were ordinary. 3/5

Amigo Changi Village Food Centre

Blk 2 01-34 Changi Village Road , Singapore
Opening hours:
11:00AM to 10:00PM


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