A5 Kagoshima Wagyu Tasting Session at Astons Prime

Photos and slideshow by Cactuskit – thanks bro!

Many thanks to everyone who turned up for the A5 Wagyu session! This time round we had a 100% turnout which is excellent!

I think it is fair to say that everyone felt that the beef was great value. However, those who were not accustomed to eating such a well marbled piece of meat did comment that it was a little too much. Some beefeaters on the other hand felt that 200g was too small and wanted a 400g steak instead! Many said that the beef was a slice of heaven, but a few said that they had expected it to be more heavenly. I could give you a whole list of comments but I think I should leave it and let our tasters tell you all about their experience!

For those who missed out on the session, I have spoken to Aston and he is quite happy to extend a special ieatishootipost price of $118.80 for the same A5 Wagyu 200g steak. All you have to do is to print out this post and present it to the waiter before ordering. You will need to print out one post for every steak that you want to order. (Centrepoint management requires this)

We are in the midst of planning our Steak Appreciation workshop where we are going to invite a butcher to teach us about the different parts of the cattle accompanied by a tasting session. If you would like to come for that session, make sure that you are in our facebook group. That way, I can send you an invite once registrations open.

Remember to eat in moderation and if you have a cholesterol problem, please check with your doctor before eating this kind of food. (Sometimes doctor say also no point. My patient turned up today despite me telling him to control his diet!)

Astons Prime

Centrepoint #03-45/46/47, Singapore
Opening hours:
(Not available)

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