Leslie’s Hokkien Mee Recipe

Hammee’s: Hawker Hamburgers

Good Eats and Hidden Gems: Alexandra Village Industrial Estate Food Trail

East Treasure: Chinese Restaurant by Astons

Taikkyi School Building Project

Singapore’s Satay Culture: Satay by the Sea! #OurHawkerCulture

Yu Cun Curry Fish Head: A head above the rest

Zazz Pizza: No bells, no whistles, just great pizza

Hwa Xing Bak Kut Teh: #OurHawkerCulture Pork Bone Tea!

Carrot Cubes: Gen Y Carrot Cake with Bacon!

Hwa Seafood: Remote Industrial Park Zi Char

Mei Ji Fishball Noodles: #OurHawkerCulture The Kampung Spirit!

No Name Prawn Mee: Old school prawn mee