93 Wu Xiang: Handmade Teochew Wu Xiang

With smart and bashful hunter

It is increasingly hard to find people making their own Ngor Hiang nowadays. With the advent of the commercially available Ngor Hiang, most stallowners have opted to be Ngor Hiang Traders rather than Ngor Hiang Chefs. So when I find passionate hawkers who still endeavor to make their own Ngor Hiang, I usually like to give them a try and blog them so that their efforts are recognized. (Of course, the Ngor Hiang has to be nice as well!)

If it is hard to find handmade Ngor Hiang, it is harder to find handmade Teochew Ngor Hiang! Even the commercial ones are Hokkien Style.

The thing that struck me about the Ngor Hiang is that it is not as spiced up as the usual Ngor Hiang. So for me, it did not have the kick of a spicy full flavoured Pork Ngor Hiang roll, but both of my kakis liked it because they like the freshness of the taste. 4/5 There were a couple of items that you don’t find elsewhere ie the chef’s own inventions. One that is worth mentioning is the tofu egg fritters (pic above). It was refreshing to have a Ngoh Hiang that was silky soft on the inside, something quite novel for me. 4/5


Handmade Teochew Ngor Hiang is not that common so it’s well worth a try.

Update:  18 Sep 2008
The Hawker Centre is closed for renovation which will take around 1 year. ?Thanks to Lorenz for the update.

93 Wu Xiang Xia Bin

Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lor 4 Food Centre #01-202, Suriname
Opening hours:
12:00PM to 9:00PM


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