Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken: The best and cheapest I have come across so far!

Soy Sauce Chicken $14 each

What's better than really good food?  Really good food that is cheap as well, that's what.

You know what I am talking about right?  You eat something that is really good and you  feel happy, but when the food is really shiok and you want to make a return trip soon, the price is going to be one of the critical factors in your decision making process.  So it is when I was eating this marvellous Soy Sauce Chicken.  I kept thinking that this chicken so good and I can have a whole half chicken for only $7!  Now that is something that makes me happy.

Half Chicken $7

I haven't blogged a lot of Soy Sauce chicken.  The last two was a few years back and since then I have not come across any good recommendations until now.  The best soy sauce chicken that I know is at Crystal Jade, but it is not priced such that you can eat it anytime you want.  So when I saw a photo of this soy sauce chicken in our forum, I knew that I had to make a trip down to Smith St Food Centre to check it out myself.

The real icing on the cake was when I found out that the chicken only cost $14 per bird.  Now that is excellent value and probably explains why there is a perpetual queue outside the stall even at 3pm.  This stall has only been around for less than 2 years.  The chef is from Ipoh and was previously working in a Hotel before venturing out on his own.  The Soy Sauce chicken is really good.  OK, I would admit that the flesh is not as lively as Crystal Jade's but the flavour of the sauce on the skin is shiokalicious and is something I keep thinking of eating again. The sauce is sweet and sticky, perfectly balanced with not too much of a herbal overtone.  One of the reasons the service is a little slow is because the chef insists on cutting the chicken and making the noodles himself.  I guess that is the price to pay for quality. 4.5/5


So far this is the best (and cheapest) soy sauce chicken I can find.  Anywhere else to recommend?

Hong Kong Soy Sauce Chicken
Smith St Food Centre
Closed on Wed
11am to 8pm

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Thanks to Sen for the video link


champagne said...

This is one of my 'MUST EAT' Soya Sauce chicken noodles. The chickens are very tender, succulent and the soya sauce taste is just right to my likeness.

I don't mind to queue up for half and hour or more as this is really worth waiting.

Another good reason is the price is reasonable too.


Sen said...

share a youtube video

cactuskit said...

Best and the cheapest? Must try tomorrow when we are at the mkt ok? Looking forward to tomorrow's lunch with you guys. : )

TriathlonChef said...

There is one Fragrance Soya Sauce Chicken at Queen Street (around si ma lu kuan yin miao) where 3 coffeeshop in a row. i think u have posted review on the hainanese curry rice and roast stall on the right most coffeeshop. the chicken rice is in the center one. Go try it and compare :)

ieat said...

Thanks for the link Sen! Have posted it up on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hmm this store washighlighted on TV channel 8 previously under the program name 排排站,查查看3. Find it so-so even after trying 2 times. Can't comment the price thou. Personally, I prefer the stores that is found along the shophouse along upper cross street

liverpool1965 said...

cactuskit, managed to try this today? :)

found it sweeter than Chew Kee and Chiew Kee, actually enjoyed it better, wished they had a good chilli sauce to go with it though! :)

Pong said...

Nice and Good!

Simon Food Favourites said...

looks amazingly good :-)

Anonymous said...

The stall No. should be 2-127. When I first started eating at this stall, there wasn't a queue. Now that more people knew of it, the q gets longer and longer. Try the Pork Rib Rice. At $3, it's a steal.

Ping said...

Juicy and tasty chicken!!! :) Sauce for the noodles was a bit sweet but noodles had a good bite to it.

andrewayne said...

I concur! Had it a couple of weeks ago and still firmly remember the taste of it! The chicken is very tender, noodles silky and importantly does not stick together even when it's eaten last. The sauce is a nice blend and surprisingly not too salty, and it's value for money! :)

cosmosknight said...

Um..i duno if i'm placing this entry in the right place...but @ Nex Shopping Mall the Cold Storage there...they're selling Crystal Jade's Soya Sauce Chicken only @ $10 bucks takeaway...its not bad in my opinion perhaps a tad salty but when i mix the soya sauce together with porridge its wonderful...

Anonymous said...

I have tried the chicken at both the stalls at Chinatown and at Nex. They taste different , but both GOOD. Value for money too.

Bebe said...

I just tried it yesterday after reading the reviews and such. However, I would say there is nothing special about it, taste normal and the sauce does not really blend onto the chicken meat thoroughly. The skin is not soft and melty enough as well.

The man who is in charge of the stall and chopppin the chicken etc, he is also bad tempered. Besides ordering dine in with my friend, she also ordered one whole chicken to takeaway. So the rice and noodle for dine in is ready, and waiting for the takeaway, when the man saw us waiting there, he asked what are we doing there, and when we replied waiting for the whole chicken, he sort of shouted and scolded at us, jus go and eat the noodles first, otherwise if wait too long the noodles will not taste nice after it is cold.
I was thinking to myself, if his skill is good he wont hv to worry about the noodles changing taste after it has turned cold.

I will not go back to queue for this soya sauce chicken since I feel it is not worth it.


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