So you want to be a Food Critic? Here is your chance at instant stardom!

As you all know, I have a regular column at where I recommend my picks of the best hawker stalls around Singapore.  Insing is intent on building their site as a veritable food directory of restaurants and hawker food and have asked me to be involved in their hunt for their resident Hawker Food writer.  They are now organizing a competition to find their Hawker Food writer ala "American Idol" style.   The new Hawker Food "Idol" will win a Canon EOS 550D DSLR worth $1350 and a contract to write for for 6 months which is worth $6000. 

This is an excellent opportunity for budding food bloggers or aspiring food writers to gain instant recognition (you are going to be read by 1 million each month!) and at the same time earn something in their free time (Yes, as we say in the army, it's "own time own target").  If you are already doing some informal food reviews, that means you can get paid $1000 a month for doing what you are already doing!

This is how it works.  In round 1, you will need to register at and submit 3 reviews of hawker food.  In Round 2 we will then shortlist the top 20 contestants to attend a Food Blogging and Food Photography workshop which I will be conducting.  From there we will shortlist the top 3 to go for the final selection!  It's going to be challenging and great fun and contestants will learn a lot along the way!

Here's a little hint for you.  Photos are going to be very important, so submit nice photos.  In the first round, we will be looking for your style of writing.  So don't submit a long arduous article.  Submit one that is entertaining and is something that would make us want to go visit that particular stall at once!

You can find out more info on  Good luck and I will see you at the workshop next month!


(^-_-^) said...

I''m part of singapore polytechnic's food connoisseurs club and I'd love to join but I don't take pictures at all :(

ieat said...

Well, if you get into the first 20, then you get to attend the workshop and start learning how to take photos! In the first round, the writing is important and as long as you submit a clear picture, it should get you through.

Joel said...

Must the reviews be of food from major hawker centres? What about small coffee shops or food courts? For example, LTN Eating House?

soundman said...

Joel, your inspired review on Oriole in the forum was fabulous. Go for this, you can do it.


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