Dai Dong Prawn Noodles: Lost n Found!

Are there any fans of this particular stall amongst our readers? According to the owner, they were quite famous back in the 90's but since then they have been moving from place to place. Last year, they managed to settle in this coffeeshop and have slowly been building up a following again.

This is a case of a bit of pride and over-confidence I guess. The owner shared with me that he regretted not allowing the media to interview him or do a write up in his hey days because he felt that he didn't need it and wouldn't be able to manage too big a crowd. After he moved, business had not been so good and soon his once famous stall started to fade into history.

Well, it is hard to keep a good bowl of prawn noodles down. Over the last year, the stall has started to build up a regular following, including our very own SCS Butter who would eat there a couple of times a month. It was he who told me that the prawn noodle was as good, if not better than my current gold standard, Wah Kee over at Cambridge Road Food Centre.

With such a strong recommendation, I found myself at Rangoon Road one steaming hot afternoon, sipping on some delicious prawn noodle soup. Incidentally, this stall had taken over from Lam's Prawn Noodles whom I blogged about previously. Lam's have since moved down the road.

I thought that the soup was quite shiok and better than quite a lot of the other prawn noodles. It still has that robust prawn taste without being overly salty. The noodles were a bit of a dissappointment as they were almost pastey and translucent. I am not sure if it is just that day but surely it shouldn't be a big problem procuring some nice Hokkien Noodles. The prawns they use here are very succulent medium sized sea prawns which are peeled. The pork ribs have also been boiled till they are just nice and tender. 4.25/5


So any old fans of this stall who are happy to find out about their new location?

Update 19 Mar 2012
Their new address is
354 Joo Chiat Road,
Opening hours 9am to 3pm
Closed Tuesdays 94797181


Anonymous said...

If you cannot win the race, you're not good enough, as simple as that. It doesn't matter who wanted to interview you or had interviewed you before in the past, if you are not good enough today, then you are just not good enough.

ieat said...

We have known of many good places which folded because of factors such as bad location, bad management, high rentals etc. It is really a combination of a lot of factors and a bit of luck. Of course that is assuming that the food is good in the first place.

Francis said...

my family and i still frequent this stall.. they're located at starlight road now rite? we have "chased" them around singapore from farrer park to east coast road (the one wif the magnificient hokkien mee yea?) and back here again. the prawns are really fresh and for a dry prawn noodle lover like me, the spiciness of the whole dish is shiok!

just an interesting point to note, if u mass order from the uncle, he will actually "gabra" and forget or serve you noodles with the wrong ingredients. the other time we ordered prawn with pig's tail, bak kut without prawn and tau geh etc etc, and he did not get a single one right. haha. nevertheless, the quality of the food is there :)


ieat said...

Glad to hear from a fan of the stall! Do you think the noodles can be better?

Francis said...

yes i actually think it could be better. the texture could be improved, with most of the flavor comin from the chilli. the people whom i know usually eats their prawn noodles the soup version, so it might not matter so much to them in my opinion. speaking of which, the soup broth is really good. i really like this place, as much as i like the one at hoe nam.

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

I am an old fan!! -waves-

ieat said...

Oh hi! Good to know you are an old fan, but I wouldn't consider you old!

Nice to have met you at last at the photography workshop

Anonymous said...

You are right Leslie, but I think business is all about judgement. Business acutement they call it. You make the decisions, where to rent a shop, what prawns to use, how much ingredients to prepare, how to attract customers, how to satisfy customers.

You can say there's a bit of luck but without a doubt, you have to make a lot of right decisions and together with luck, you become osmething.

For me, if you cannot go beyond the the basic level, even you can really cook very delicious food, then it's still going to be hard.

He is just not good enough, period. Of course now he can say those interviews may had changed the story but then who is to say if he had been interviewed, he wouldn't still be a nobody?

It's easy to say the ifs and buts ....but at the end of the day you have to ask, whats the point, the reality is that the game is fair and you're just not good eonugh today.

sumosumo said...

anon - have you actually tried the noodles?

you seem very quick to pass judgement that because the business is not doing as well, the food is not good.

there are many stalls who serve mediocre food and doing well on hype and past reputation as well. dont you agree?

Kumokumo said...

Ya lor, sometime food may be popular not because it is nice but good marketing work. One of it like breadtalk.

Benita said...

Have you tried Hoe Nam Prawn Noodles behind (the now defunct) MacPherson Kopitiam? It's one of the best around in my humble opinion. Do try.

ieat said...

Yes Hoe Nam is very good. You can do a google search using the search bar or click on "Prawn Mee" in the directory to find it.

The link is here: Hoe Nam Prawn Mee

Rambling Alcoholic said...

Actually, as much as I agree that Hoe Nam is quite tasty, they use MSG in the soup. I know since I'm quite sensitive to it.

That said, I still trudge there like a zombie for my fix. =)

How is this place? Any MSG?

ieat said...

Most places will put a bit of MSG. This place is no exception. MSG makes food taste good.

foodiefiend said...

My favourite prawn noodle stall since Wahcow recommended it sometime ago. Always ask uncle for refill of soup. The msg used here is not so bad. I don't need to drink tons of water afterwards unlike some of the other stalls.

Kao said...

I have eaten this, really nice prawn and the uncle not bad

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Anonymous said...

i am a fan of this prawn mee stall! and yes, the uncle does tend to mix up the orders at times but overall not an issue. His trusty wife will always come back to you to double/triple check on your orders!

that being said, how about featuring another prawn noodle stall that is my ultimate fave - Ah Hwee Prawn Noodles along Selegie Road. It used to be at McKenzie Road, opposite the old Rex Theatre but has seen moved to the main Selegie stretch that is heading towards Little India.
Order the $5 bowl and trust me, you won't be disappointed!

ieat said...

It would be useful if you provide the actual address and opening times. : )

look said...

I am surprised and also not surprised that these hawkers use MSG. If these good hawkers are so skillful in their craft and emphasize on the freshest ingredients, why do they still feel the need to use MSG to enhance the flavour? Surely it is not a lack of faith in their skills sans MSG? It's just like Michelin starred chefs do not use MSG or bouillon cubes, right? When I place my food orders and remind them to skip the MSG, I don't really know if they do, as putting the MSG is so automatic for them.

cactuskit said...

Most of our hawker dishes already have MSG in the stock or soup so its pointless to ask for no MSG. Even oyster sauce is MSG ladened.

And frankly, I doubt that there are any cze char that do not use MSG in their cooking.

albert said...

Disappointed as the coffeeshop is closed for renovation. It will only reopen on 15 April 2010.

Anyway, tried another stall (Lam's Big Prawn Noodle). Not bad but portion a bit small.

For the Dai Dong, will go down after 15 Apr to check it out.

Bob Chua said...

The Prawn Mee Stall no longer operating there due to high rental. What a pity. The owner is looking for another location.

Anonymous said...

Hi folks, they reopened at Joo Chiat. It's the street opposite the carpark next to a chinese temple (sorry, dont know the exact address)

tanbt said...

hi all, i am a big fan of Prawn noodles, and i can say this is the best by any standard.

he has re-opened at 180 Joo Chiat Road, operating 7.30-4.30 pm and no rest day. in a nice air-con shop house.

Great Food nice place.

zayam said...

They are now at 180 Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427451. Price has gone up but the standards are still high :) Air-conditioned now

tsl3012 said...

They are now at 354 Joo Chiat Road. Its a coffeeshop at the junction of Joo Chiat Road and Marshall Lane. The opening hours will be from 9am - 3pm.


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