Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck: Only in Toa Payoh!

Some people like Bill Gates want to rule the world. Others like Phua Chu Kang only want to rule Singapore and perhaps JB and Batam. But for Mr Johnny Teo, all he wants is to rule Toa Payoh.

With three stalls strategically placed around Toa Payoh, no Toa Payohrees need to worry about not getting a nice Char Siew and Roast Duck fix. And according to Mr Teo, he really does not want to move out of the boundaries of the Big Swamp. (Toa Payoh means Big Swamp in the Minnan Dialect)

When I blogged about Fong Kee back in 2007, I wasn't overly impressed with the Char Siew but this time round, I was quite pleasantly surprised with their Char Siew at their latest stall in Lor 5. Unlike the last time, the Char Siew this time round was juicy and tender and well caramelized. So I have revised their Char Siew rating to 4.25/5.

Unfortunately, the Sio Bak is still much the same as the last time. The flesh was dry and the skin was gummy. 3.75/5

Just in case you wanted to have laksa with your Roast Duck, (which I initially thought was a little wierd until I remembered that the Thais have their Roast Duck in Red Curry), Fong Kee has also ventured into this market. Their laksa was competent, but nothing really to shout about. Still it is good if you wanted to try the Roast Duck with Laksa combination. 3.5/5


Good place for Char Siew and Roast Duck. I just wonder if they will really just remain within the boundaries of Toa Payoh or if they would eventually spread to Bishan?

Hua Fong Kee Roasted Duck
Blk 116, Toa Payoh Lor 2
Open 8am to 8pm


Anonymous said...

Hey Leslie i am a fan of your blog. Just want to share with people my top eating place in Singapore!


1. Lawry's The Prime Rib

2. Morton's Of Chicago


3. Chef Chan's Cantonese Cuisine

4. Crystal Jade Palace Restaurant

5. Golden Peony

6. Hua Ting

7. Imperial Treasure

8. Lei Gardens

9. Peach Garden

10. Summer Pavilion

11. Taste Paradise

12. Wah Lok


13. Au Jardin

14. Au Petit Salut

15. Jaan

16. Les Amis

17. Raffles Grill

18. Saint Julien

19. Saint Pierre


20. Buko Nero

21. Restaurant Ember

22. Iggy's


23. Pu Tien


24. Beng Hiang


25. Rang Mahal

26. Shah Maharani


27. Da Paolo Bistro Bar

28. Garibaldi

29. Valentino's


30. Akane

31. Aoki

32. Miharu Japanese Noodles

33. Nadaman

34. Shiraishi

35. Tatsuya

36. Tenshin


37. Long Beach Seafood

38. Sik Wai Sin Eating House

39. True Blue Cuisine


40. Pierside Kitchen & Bar


41. Club Chinois

42. Jade

43. Majestic Restaurant

44. My humble House


45. Pagi Sore

46. Sabai


47. Silk Road


48. Crystal Jade Golden Palace

49. East Ocean

50. Guan Hin

wahcow said...

whoa...thats a comprehensive list ! i thought sik wai sin should be ranked higher ...or is it just classified according to cuisines ?

man ....i missed sik wai sin.....

liverpool1965 said...

nest week wahcow?:)

Anonymous said...

They did branch out of TP. In fact they open an outlet at Blk 316B AMK Ave 1 two years ago. It ceases operation last year and moved back to TP as business wasn't as good as he expected.


Anonymous said...

Hey are they closed during the weekends? I went there sometime last weekend but they were closed :( The charsiew looks soooo yummy in this blog!

Anonymous said...

Lawry standard has dropped drastically over the years. Not worth the penny

Vincent said...

Hi there, my family does Roasted food too. We are specialise in Hong Kong Roasted food. Our specialty is the Roasted Duck Drum stick. Ask for the sauce! I reckon that! It would be nice if you can come down and try out. We do have "sio bak and char siew) Tender meat and crispy skin. Tips* If you're ordering char siew, ask for half fat half lean meat, this is the best part for char siew. We do have tonic soup too. Give us a visit at Sim Min Rd BLK 22, facing the blk, at the rightmost coffeeshop, Hong Kong Specialty. Hope to see you there. Cheers. =D

ieat said...

Thanks for letting us know Vincent. I am sure some of our kakis around the area will check it out.

Vincent said...

ok sure. hope to see u guys there. =)

Anonymous said...

Hua Fong Kee Roast Duck is no longer at TPY Lor5


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