Simpang Yong Tau Foo: Not Ampang......Simpang

This stall is closed

One of the good things about retirement is that you get to go around looking for good things to eat without the pressure of exams, loans, bills, kids and other stuff that add stress to your life. Not that I am speaking from personal experience of course, (still a long way from retirement) but more from the point of view of my two esteemed makankakis that afternoon who also happen to be old boys from my alma mater.

Anyway, both smart and PK have been friends since school days and it would seem to me that the baby boomers tend to keep their schoolday friendships better then us Gen Xers. Smart, PK and a whole bunch of their school friends still get together at least every month to makan together. Perhaps it was the days of playing catching, marbles and pretending to be Tarzan with the Banyan Tree rather then playing gameboys and computer games that made the big difference? Or maybe it is just me.

Anyway, this Yong Tau Foo place was recommended to me by smart who, being semi retired, makes it his hobby to walk around food centres scouring for good (and interesting) things to eat. He chanced upon this stall on one of his recce trips and it is just the kind of stall that makes one go "Phwa, must at least go and try leh!"

Yes, this is our very own SIMPANG Yong Tau Foo. You heard it right, not AMPANG but SIMPANG. The difference might not be as stark as the difference between Phua Chu Kang and Chua Chu Kang, but there is a difference.

The homemade Yong Tau Foo is fried first and then doused with the soy based sauce. But the similarity ends there. The sauce here is quite unique. It is sweet, a little tangy and mildly punchillie hot. Perhaps the right adjective is "piquant". Quite shiok actually and definitely unique. 4.25/5

Crispy Pork Knuckle $16

And if you feel that eating deep fried Yong Tau Foo doesn't do enough to clog up your arteries, you might opt for the Deep Fried Crispy Skin Pork Leg. Oh yes, Pork Knuckle or Ter Kah definitely ranks up there as one of those sinfully bad food that you would only eat if you wanted to reward yourself for scoring well on your latest cholesterol report.

The Ter Kah here is stewed first then deep fried just before serving. The skin is super duper crispy and went well with the Thai style chilli sauce. The flesh was however, a little on the dry side. Actually if you ask me, this seems to be more like the German version of the Pork Knuckle rather than the Chinese version. Not bad, but this really is a Gu Gu Jip Pai (once in a long while) type of dish for me. 3.75/5


Our very own Simpang Yong Tau Foo! It is the sauce that makes this particular Yong Tau Foo stand out from the rest. Casual and cheaper alternative to your German Restaurant if you wish to get your Crispy Fried Ter Kah fix.

Update 21 July 2012
Their new address is 301 Changi Road S419779

Simpang Yong Tau Foo
Bedok Market Place

348 Bedok Road


10am to 6.30pm
Closed Alt Sunday


Oi Lin said...

Wow! Never knew there was 'Simpang' Yong Tau Foo and have not seen Yong Tau Foo served drenched in sauce too. Looks like a must-try.

Anonymous said...

I prefer the sauces separate from the yong tau foo ingredients, not drenched over them. Each item should have their own individual taste instead of everything tasting like sauce.

Makes me wonder why some people must have chilli sauce in everything they eat. Might as well eat white tau foo with chilli sauce for every meal.


juang said...

If you're free and is in jurong area, please go to jurong west st.81 blk 851 for this particular western food.

The food is cheap and yummy enough to deserve a good review from you.

You should try their chicken burgers. It's very different from others hawker western food.

I've been patronising them for almost 10 years.

The stall name is Seng Huat Western Food.

mama bok said...

Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you and yours..!

yg said...

wishing you & your family and all your readers Seng Ni Kuai Lak

Anonymous said...

I tried this. It's nice. The sauce is a bit different and slightly hot. Something different. Thanks for the recommendation.

bhai said...

the best young tou foo and pork knuckle in the world!!!!!

starstarz said...

You should try the Ampang Yong Tau Foo at Upper Thomson Road. It's very good. It's different from the Yong Tau Foo you have reviewed.

Meister said...

Everyone should try this yong tau foo, and order in group will serve u both fried and soup base.

cactuskit said...

Agree that this stall is pretty good. Enjoyed the few times I visited. Also like the Thai cze char besides it.

P.L said...

Patronised this famed stall yestrday at blk 218 bedok north ave 3.

After trying the pork knuckle n yong tau Hu, was disappointed. The pork knuckle was too dry, no collegen at all. The yong Tau Hu was just ordinary. Deep fried n drizzled in a sauce which I would not even dare say come anything close to "gong bao".

The only thing that was really good was the fried tofu with prawn. It was savoury on the outside but really silken smooth inside.

The western stall fr the same coffee shop was a surprise find though. My daughter ordered the lamp chop n discovered that it was really well marinated. You could taste rosemary, mint, garlic with the right amount of saltiness with every bite.

Anonymous said...

Please note their new location, just discovered today after my fruitless trip. Simpang Yong Tau Foo's new location. Blk 218 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-01

Anonymous said...

Might as well share the link that i found.

Gourmand said...

I'm a fan of the simpang niang dou fu since their bedok simpang days. Haven't tried them since they moved.
Their sauce is a bit light and I think gong bao is the most appropriate though it is more watery n less spicy. Great for people who like their stuff fried.
I agree the pork leg is not so tasty and wouldnt recommend trying unless there is a big group to share the calories.
A close cousin would be shi Lin niang dou fu at siglap. Also fried but the noodle is thick bee boon with minced pork saucen not your usual red sauce.

Anonymous said...

Seems to have moved again, anyone know the new location?

Huang Yao Wei Kelvin said...

been to Blk 218 Bedok North Ave 3 #01-01 yesterday night, seems to be relocated, anyone knows the new location?

Song said...

They have relocated back to Simpang Bedok, but instead of being at the marketplace 2nd storey, bank right, its further down the row where you see Mad Jack.

I'm a regular there, and the owner was telling me how his business hasn't been as good because people didn't know he moved! (and he was forced to evict out of the old marketplace coz they are gonna tear it down)

So please help update the blog, and spread the word =)

ieat said...

Could you please get me their address Song?

Anonymous said...

Simpang Yong Tau Foo.
Tel No: 64449986.
Sub-tenanted at 288 Bedok Road
(Simpang Bedok, behind Shop n Save, master tenant is Simpang @ Ease).
Closed alternate Sundays.

Song said...


I can verify that the new address is at 288 Bedok Road. Which is , in and around the same compound as its first location, simpang bedok. It can be located at a stall with the title "Simpang@Ease", the same row that Mad Jack is at.

ieat said...

Thanks, I have updated the blog

Lina said...

Hi, thanks for promoting Simpang Yong Tau Foo. we are once again moving out of 288 Bedok Rd. on 10/08/2011 due to unforeseen circumstances, and still currently looking for a new place. You can still reach us at this number:64449986 anytime if you have any queries. Sorry for the inconvenience caused, and once again thank you all for the support.

keterina said...

wrong information provided for address of relocation. wasted 45 minutes getting there. you should not give false information.

Ah Yong AKA Hamster :3 said...

Hi, sorry for the delay and now I would like to inform you that we had moved to 11 Changi North St. 1 #01-10. Is at Industrial Estate coffeeshop but look like canteen. Hope to see you soon.

Huang Yao Wei Kelvin said...

Thank you! have been searching for this store since it has closed down at simpang ! will visit it soon!

SpankMe said...

FYI. The stall at 301 Changi Rd has closed down already.


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